About M & R Metal Fabrication

About M & R Metal Fabrication

Established in 2000 by Martin Raygoza, M & R Metal Fabrication specializes in elevator and escalator repair and fabrication, Mig And Tig welding and sheet metal fabrication. We can break and shear material up to 10' long and 1/8" thick, regular steel and stainless steel. Our specialty is escalator step repairs, which includes cleaning, welding and painting the steps. We can repair up to 100 steps a week if the customer needs it. We also repair and make the escalator balastrade panels which take about 2 and 3 days to make. We repair handrail guide tracks and curved aluminum escalator horn or upper curve hold down track of any size and kind. The brand of hand rails have repaired are Thyssenkrupp, Fujitec and Montgomery. We also repair, reinforce and re-skin elevator doors between 2 and 3 days. Other items we repair are hall stations and C.O.P's, we add any necessary holes and shear to any size needed, we weld a piece or fill in a hole to the hall station and re-finish it again only in 1/8" thick stainless steel. I can get engraving and etching done on hall stations through a company I've been doing business with for over 25 years as well.

Other services include:

  • Toe Guard fabrication
  • O & K step and part repair
  • Montgomery and Kone step and part repair
  • Thyssenkrupp step and part repair
  • Fujitec step and part repair
  • Otis step and part repair
  • Schindler step and part repair
  • Mitsubishi step and part repair
  • Westinghouse step and part repair
  • Dover part repair
  • U.S Elevator part repair
  • Semco part repair

Dealing with companies such as Mitsubishi Elevator, Kone Elevator, Schindler Elevator,Thyssenkrupp Elevator, Otis Elevator, Amtech Elevator, The Elevator Company, Ascent Elevator, Performance Elevator and Specialized Elevator.

Martin started work at an elevator company, where they had a machine shop as well, where he was in charge of all the sheet metal work, machining and welding for 10 years. After that he had the opportunity to open up his own business. The first companies we dealt with upon opening were Kone Elevator, Mitsubishi Elevator, Thyssenkrupp Elevator and Schindler Elevator. Thanks to working at that elevator company prior to opening up M & R Metal Fabrication, I still have working relations with customers from 25 years ago.